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Welcome to RM Service & Painting, your trusted partner in crafting seamless and stunning additions to your home. Our commitment to excellence and decades of expertise make us the ideal choice for transforming your living spaces. Explore the unmatched advantages of entrusting your additions to our seasoned professionals. So, if you are in Detroit, MI and need a quality construction service provider, you know you can hire us!

Authentic and Quality Construction Service in Detroit, MI

Perks of Entrusting Your Additions to the Pros

When it comes to home additions, precision is essential. Skilled architects and builders ensure that every detail aligns seamlessly with your existing structure, creating additions that look as if they were always part of your home. Also, time is of the essence, and their commitment to efficiency sets us apart. They understand that living through renovations can be challenging, so they prioritize timely project completion without compromising quality. Moreover, your home is an expression of your personality, and they understand the importance of customization. Whether it’s an extra room, a sunlit conservatory, or a spacious garage, they provide services tailored to your unique preferences, ensuring they enhance both form and function. So, experience the joy of swift and seamless additions to your home.

Committed and Quality Construction Service in Detroit, MI

Is it Ideal to Acquire Our Services?

With years of experience in the construction industry, we can guarantee that we have the expertise for every project. Our seasoned professionals have successfully executed various additions, establishing a track record of excellence and customer satisfaction. We believe in open communication as the foundation of a successful collaboration. From the initial consultation to project completion, our team keeps you informed, ensuring your vision is understood and incorporated at every step. Your satisfaction is our priority. So, why not turn to our team?

Energetic and Quality Construction Service in Detroit, MI


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